MU-2 Owner's and Operators Mailing List

The Mitsubishi Pilot's Online Group operates an email list for owners, operators and those with an interest in the MU-2 (including potential buyers). This is a closed mailing list to avoid spam and is fully integrated with the closed part of our forum to permit access via either an email account or this website's forum. To join the list, click here.

MU-2 Mailing List Alert for AOL Users!

It appears AOL is blocking all email from (including our mailing list). Near as we can tell, they are treating the mailing list as a source of spam and simply blocking it all. Unfortunatly, there is nothing we can do to prevent them from doing this. Those of you with AOL accounts can still access the forum, and it MAY be possible (emphasis on the MAY) to whitelist the domain to get emails through, howerver AOL historically blocks all kinds of valid traffic in the name of blocking spam. If you are an AOL user and have stopped receiving mailing list messages, I encourage you to contact AOL about the problem.